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claydes dougherty
Dr. Cleydes Dougherty
Dr. Cleydes Dougherty is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University and is a practicing partner at Dental Health and Beauty. She has been practicing dentistry since 1998 and is highly skilled in the areas of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. She exhibits great care and compassion for her patients and enjoys getting to know them on a personal level.

Dr. Dougherty completed a rigorous two-year clinical residency program at Nova where she treated complex dental cases of both children and adults. She also spent a significant amount of time performing dental treatments on patients with special needs.

Dr. Dougherty’s main interests are managing complex restorative and cosmetic cases and educating her patients in proper preventive dental care. She has a passion for education and is always looking to bring the latest and most advanced technology and treatment techniques to her patients.


Dr. Maria Alejandra Semprun
Dr. Maria Alejandra Semprun received her DMD degree from Nova Southeastern University and is also a practicing partner in Dental Health and Beauty. She has extensive skills in the areas of restorative and cosmetic dentistry and takes the time to ensure that her patients are comfortable with all aspects of their treatment plans.

Dr. Semprun has been involved in research projects in the areas of clinical pathology, periodontics, orthodontics and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. She completed the Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program at Nova, which allowed her to further enhance her skills in areas such as endodontics, implant restorations, oral surgery and special needs care.

Dr. Semprun believes strongly in educating her patients on their conditions and develops a treatment plan that will best suit their individual needs. Her constant pursuit of education and new techniques ensures that her patients always receive the highest level of care.


Elizabeth Culleton, Dental Hygienist
For over seven years, Elizabeth has been a part of Dental Health and Beauty. Each day, she contributes by bringing her skills as a hygienist and her ability to improve the health of patients into the office. She enjoys our practice because everyone is focused on teamwork and because of our passion for helping our patients maintain optimal oral health. It has been a joy for her working with our patients and having an office that has become family.

Elizabeth graduated with an associate in dental hygiene and a bachelor’s degree in biology. She and her husband, Ricky, have a beautiful daughter, Megan. They also have a dog, Lucy. Elizabeth loves spending time bicycling, skiing, traveling, reading and camping. She is also a self-proclaimed “bourbon connoisseur” and “Disney fanatic.”


Josie, Registered Dental Hygienist
For the past few years, Josie been a vital part of Dental Health and Beauty. As an RDH, she helps educate our patients and provide exceptional care for their needs. She loves seeing them improve their smiles and dental health.

Josie graduated with a master’s degree in public health from West Coast University. Before then, she completed her bachelor’s degree in biology from Nova Southeastern University. Today, she is married to the love of her life, and together, they have a wonderful daughter. Josie spends her free time traveling and is an ardent dog-lover.


Christina, Dental Assistant
Christina is our qualified dental assistant. For almost ten years, she has been providing care and patient education at our practice. She understands the needs and concerns of our patients, giving them a judgment-free, comfortable experience. At home, Christina has two wonderful kids, Gianni and Giuliana, and she loves going antique shopping and visiting the beach.


Nichole, Dental Assistant
Nichole is a central member of our office, educating patients to make their lives better. She also makes coming to Dental Health and Beauty fun and helps us feel like a true family. Eventually, she plans on going back to school to study dental hygiene. In her free time, she likes to travel, dance, play basketball and spend time with her friends and family.


Janette, Team Leader and Treatment Plan Coordinator
At Dental Health and Beauty, Janette loves working with our team to grow together, achieving our goals to educate people about complete health, and helping people understand their needed treatments and benefits. She works closely with our team to make sure we are prepared for the day and that our office runs smoothly. At home, Janette has a wonderful family of five. Together, they make new memories enjoying hobbies. Janette’s hobbies include fishing, boating, camping, hunting and anything outdoors.


Karen, Schedule Coordinator
At Dental Health and Beauty, Karen is able to educate our patients about general oral health, helping them with her positive attitude and great customer-service skills. Karen has extensive training in her field. She is regularly certified in OSHA and HIPAA regulations and also took a year of tech education in Microsoft, typewriting and computer engineering. She spends her time here seeing the practice grow and expand, as well as helping our patients return to their optimal dental health.

For Karen, her family is her world. She spends time with her three beautiful nieces who love to dance, sing and paint. Karen’s own hobbies include writing, traveling and photography.


Georgina Ramsden, Insurance Billing Coordinator
Georgina has been helping patients at Dental Health and Beauty for years, helping keep a balance between the insurance, the patients and the practice. She enjoys helping our patients understand their insurance and the importance of maintaining their health. Georgina’s family is in Scotland. She enjoys planning visits there as well as spending time fishing, skating and doing anything outdoors.


Tammy – Dental Hygienist
Tammy graduated from dental school in Venezuela in 2009, having achieved her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree and Masters degrees in Health Services Administration and Public Health. She joined our team as a dental hygienist in April 2019. Tammy uses her extensive knowledge of dentistry and patient management to contribute to our practice, and enjoys the opportunity to educate patients, explaining why things happened and what they can do to improve their oral health. She also enjoys research, and has published several papers in medical and dental journals.

Tammy and her husband have a beautiful daughter, Lorelai. In her spare time she loves to sing.


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