Feel comfortable with your care through patient education. During your appointment, our dentists will go over the details of your treatment. To further patient education, Dr. Cleydes Dougherty and Dr. Maria Alejandra Semprun use modern tools and technology, including CAESY® patient education software in Coral Springs, Florida.

CAESY patient education software uses a variety of tools to explain the details of your treatment. Not only do they provide clear images for our dentists, they also include videos that clearly outline the procedure. These are displayed next to the patient chair so that both dentist and patient can view the screen. This helps facilitate communication and understanding between you and Dental Health and Beauty. Each video is also animated simply with language that is clear and easy to understand for patients of all ages. These videos are also live-action, integrating with the monitors for an interactive experience.

Patients should feel confident when visiting the dentist. If you would like to visit an office that uses the latest technology to help our patients, come to Dental Health and Beauty. Our dental practice is here to answer your questions — just call 954-575-0880 to get in touch with a member of our qualified team. We can also help you plan a meeting or consultation with our dentists.

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